I know missing you won’t bring you back. It won’t bring back the lost time or the best days of my life. But maybe, just maybe, with each day passing, perhaps in a time between now and never I could have it my way.

I wish I could have you back where you belong. But in the meantime, I repeatedly check my phone for calls and texts that I will never receive. Maybe, just maybe one day everything would change. Maybe you would make a mistake and call me instead of her.

Maybe, just maybe, you’d give me a chance to hear your voice once again, and to hear you say you love me one last time. Maybe I would receive a text that reads:

Hey babe I miss you. I can’t wait to see and be with you… Sending you all my love, Lwazi.

Though those words weren’t meant for me, it’s crazy how fast they would change my mood. They would force me to be hopeful again, and make me think that maybe they were meant for me after all.

You, giving me hope that I still have a place in your heart. But maybe even though I have a place in your heart, maybe it isn’t in your heart where I belong. Though it hurts like hell, one day I will wake up and it won’t hurt anymore.


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