It was the 24th September 2018 when my teacher broke the news that on the 27th of September it would be our Matric Ball and I had nothing to wear. My mother had no money to buy me clothes so I logged on to Facebook and I searched for matric ball suits. I came across a group called Masincedane: Matric Ball. I told them my story and they were interested in buying me the clothes I needed.

On the 25th my mother showed me an old suit. It was my grandfather’s suit. She said, “Uyonxiba le suit.”

I wasn’t shocked because I knew my mother didn’t have money at that time, so I agreed. It was also special that it was my grandfather’s.

The suit was brown and I told my mother to alter the suit and gave her my design. And she did it just as I wanted it to be.

The Masincedane Matric Ball group arrived at my place because they wanted to have a look at the suit, so that they could buy things that matched it for me. They were surprised when they saw that suit as it was special. They came back later with a shirt and shoes, a belt and socks and I was very happy.

They cut my hair and made my face look extravagant with make-up. I dressed up before I went to go and fetch my partner in Khayelitsha. I said to my partner the day before that I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to go to the Matric Ball . She was very disappointed.

When I got out of the car at her home, she didn’t believe that it was me because she knew about my situation at home. She was crying and jumping and those were tears of joy.

So my day was successful because of my mother and a group from Facebook called, “Masincedane”. They really did help me.

I still have the memory of that day in my mind.


Tell us: How was your Matric dance? What did you wear?