If your love is the rain I am the rainbow. If your love is the first day of spring then I am the blossoming trees of nature. I mean if your love is a second then I am the minute; it is the reason I even exist.

I blame my eyes for my stupidity because now my mind thinks about nothing else but you. I blame my heart for my eating disorder for my mouth yearns to taste nothing but your lips. So please, save my life, like Beauty did to Beast.

A beggar would ask Christ for some bread, a cripple would ask for nothing else but to walk again, a blind man would ask for his sight. But I would bend down on my knees and say, “Christ Please Make Her Mine.”

Although seeing you two walking hand in hand brings me sorrow, though sleeping without you beside me makes me wish there was no tomorrow, I still wake up and say, “Today I am gonna make you mine.”

In your voice I hear my favourite song and in your eyes I see my favourite movie. Really there is nothing real that I wouldn’t steal to be loved by you. As I think of you every day, from Monday to Sunday, especially on the 3rd of May, let alone Valentine’s day.

Because making you mine feels like I am writing an exam that I didn’t study for, I Google “How can I make you mine?”