In a faraway place was a certain village amidst the valley and in the village lived a woman called Maidei. Maidei was always happy because she was married to a great hunter, and her home had the most cattle; she was rich.

The other women were not so lucky, their husbands did not like hunting and farming. Maidei was worried and hurt by her friends’ lives. She prayed with no success. Across the next valley was a sacred rock in the mountain. People would go there to tell the rock their wishes and they were granted.

Maidei woke up one morning and went to the sacred rock.

Along the way she was crying thinking of her friends’ lives. When she reached the rock she started to sing to it.

“Sacred rock it’s you who hears our problems,

Please help me,

All men who cheat please break their legs

It’s the legs which walk to the bad things

And also break their hands because hands touch the girlfriends

Oh rock please put their mouth aside

Because the mouth says a lot of bad stuff,

And then use it for kissing.”

The rock said “Is that all?” She answered, “Yes, it’s all.”

The rock told her to go home, her wishes were granted. She went home happy and singing. When she got home she was shocked to see people at her home, putting somebody on the mat. When she checked the person it was a shock because there on the mat was her husband with broken legs, hands and a twisted mouth.

Crying hysterically she started to sing

“Oh lam, like a pig I fried myself with my own fat.”