Love is something some of us desire to get, yet at the same time it’s a thing we sometimes avoid falling into. Is it a choice or what nature decides we should bear? I am not quite sure. Simply, what is known to me is that once you get it, you don’t want to lose it easily. You’ll do everything within your power to ensure that you stay in this state forever and if you don’t experience it, you’ll try your best to make sure that you own it.

Yet, there are some circumstances that may cause you to feel that you seriously need to let go. It’s a difficult choice but sometimes the patient needs to taste the medicine. You make this tough decision even though your body, heart and soul needs love.

Many of us go all out using anything we have just to win love. Sadly, giving everything you have for the sake of love doesn’t guarantee you’ll be loved back. By doing your best to secure love you set yourself in a better chance of becoming the love winner. You’re better than someone else who doesn’t try at all. Everyone really wants to win but we can’t all be winners in life. The same thing applies to love.

Rejection exists and we can’t deny this sad reality. It truly hurts when the feeling is not mutual and couples cease to see things eye to eye. Rejection tastes bitter, regardless of whether you are disdained for the right reasons or not. As much as everyone desires to win, no one enjoys to be marginalised, more especially if one believes they’ve got all it takes to be accepted. No matter how positive you are, you never know what will happen to your love affair in the future. You may gain ground today and lose tomorrow. So always be ready for whatever outcome. Then the best you can do today is to treat your sweetheart right.

Searching for true love is like flipping a coin. You get heads you win and if you get tails you lose. Learn to live with whatever results because we all know that the win or the loss is part of a game. That’s why we should make peace with the loss, and congratulate those who win. If you don’t conquer today, you will do so tomorrow. You don’t lose because you’re lacking or you aren’t special, you are still lovable.

Love perceives things its own way. Love doesn’t ask why it should accept certain people, nor does it possess a book with a list of things it should accept. People often fail to tell us why they love some people because they have no “valid” reasons. What they only know is that they love these people and it ends there. Perhaps love is blind.

It’s easy to judge people based on the choices of their mates. Some choices are based on things that are natural while others are based on things that are trivial. If love comes naturally it means nature has a hand in it and to me this love is pure and real. The love that is instituted by material things is not real but superficial. When superficial traits fade and material possessions become no more, will this love survive? Allow your love be built on a foundation that is rock-solid so that when the tempests blow heavily it can remain unshaken.

Let love come purely to you. Society will talk but remember that people will always speak regardless of whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong one. It’s their right to do this, thus don’t expect anyone to validate or approve of you. You know more than anyone what’s best for you so never listen to people when they tell you who you should love. The final decision is obviously yours and it should be respected. Follow your heart in matters of the heart because it knows better than anyone, even you. Don’t simply go with the flow because you may lose the rhythm of love along the way. Love should be founded on mutual respect and passion.

If given the opportunity to be Mr or Mrs Right, play your part with outstanding commitment. Cherish your lover, stay truthful to your loved one. Never lie, never cheat because when you lie, you lie to yourself. When you cheat, know that you cheat yourself. You will fail to be the best person you can be. It will be nice separating with your devotion, knowing that you gave it your best shot. You won’t feel guilty and you won’t regret it.

Do all the things your heart desires but never forget to value what you have. If you don’t, others will. Always try to be the best you want to see your partner become. Never expect second chances because they are not granted to everyone. Stop toying around with other people’s emotions and learn to love and respect them and they will return your affection.


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