There are strategies I have about love. I try to not forget that some women have attitude, and some have questions and some are optimistic about love, they always want someone who has great prospects.

When I like a girl I first check what kind of person she is, but not because I am scared, rather some girls are full of insults. Also you may not know whether she has just broken up with someone or whether she’s moody because she hates you. So it’s important to enquire before throwing yourself at a girl. All girls are not the same. Most importantly, you must never approach a girl in the same way when hitting on her. It gets boring, not only to you but to her too.

Girls need to be approached differently. Firstly, you must know that girls are different and like different things, they may have different romantic styles. The way you praise a girl and embrace her must be different. Usually when I ask a girl for her love, I pour my heart out to her. I begin by amusing her as we talk… because getting too serious at first might make a bad impression. Remember too that girls are not entrepreneurs. Don’t address her like you are begging her as a client to invest in your company, unless of course she is an entrepreneur.

Some girls like shy guys and some like hyper guys, etc. So that’s why I always observe my crush.

One day on WhatsApp I a message from an unknown number. L almost blocked it but didn’t. Fortunately it was a girl. Because I didn’t know the person I had to ask for her name and save her number.

This was because it was a girl. If it was a boy I would have blocked it and reported it as spam. So I communicated with this person and she told me her name.

The day was Black Friday. So I asked her why she was at home and not shopping. She told me that she wasn’t into shopping, so I became interested. In my mind, I thought she had a ‘I don’t do that stuff kind of attitude’.

I told her that, wow, she must be unique. I was amazed by her attitude towards shopping. I won’t tell you how we communicated but I knew that I could handle her attitude, I have handled most Xhosa girls with the most irritating attitude. Eventually, she told me that she liked my attitude. I was happy when she told me that I could handle women.

After a long conversation, I asked for her photo, she asked for mine first because of trust issues. I then decided to deceive her by telling her it’s loading already and she might receive it any seconds.

I received her picture immediately. She was a white woman, and not the lovely model I expected, she was old! I was pissed off, all that romantic talk I wasted with her.

In my mind I was thinking, oh my God she has no idea that she’s just speaking with a teenager. But the fact that she gave me credit and said I can handle women made my day.

I decided to send my photo to her even though I knew she would not like it. After a few minutes I received a reply asking, what is this? She was referring to my picture. She had thought she was talking to an older man. She expected me to be a mature man, and I was expecting a beautiful young lady!

WhatsApp can fool you! After that I just deleted all my unknown contacts and focused on music groups.

What do you think of the author’s advice about dealing with women? Have you chatted to someone on social media who turned out to be not who you thought they were?