“With you, I experienced love that knows no boundaries. When I was weak, you were my strength. I’d look to you for guidance, support, love and care. With no doubt or hesitation, I gave you all of me instantly, because at that moment, that’s all I had to offer. Today, in reference with all the number of days we’ve had and those left to share, I bear no shame in declaring my love for you, the love I have for you. It gives me great pleasure to finally take your hand in marriage and declare you my wife,” he said, while a tear escaped his eye. Joy was gleaming in both their eyes, with hopes for a future that is worthwhile.

After all was said and done, the Pastor pronounced them Husband and Wife. He leaned in for a kiss, then whispered the 3 words in her ear, “I love you”, slowly with surety. With a smile on his face, he collapsed. Declared dead on the spot. Even after he was buried, with nothing but memories of her husband, her heart still longed for him. His battle with the heart had come to an end, but hers had just begun. She wouldn’t eat or talk, the pain was just too much to bear.

Losing her husband, meant losing all the hopes and dreams she had. A big family with two boys and a girl, a puppy named Taylor for him and a kitten named Spencer for her, was now just another distant dream, a fairy tale with no happy ending. In her dreams, they were together as jolly as newlyweds could be, but reality hit her hard waking up in an empty house filled with his scent every morning. Everything a constant reminder of his presence. She spent days trying to ignore her feelings, but today, they were stronger than any other day. She had to feel what could have been what was left of him.

The tiny courage she had, she used to go through his clothes and found the one jacket he wore most. The black leather jacket with blue zippers. He wore it mostly on days he was too sick to even go to his favourite spot, because it made him feel like he could conquer the world. Holding it brought back a lot of memories, she tried to keep them hidden at the back of her mind, but they always found their way to the surface.

One memory she’d never forget, was on the day they took a stroll through the park together. With no warning the rain suddenly started pouring. With no umbrella to shield them from the rain, he tried using the jacket as an umbrella. Although it got soaked in less than 3minutes, just the thought of his attempt, made her heart beat with more love for him. At the realization of failure, he grabbed her hand, then ran with her to the nearest tack shop for shelter. They were soaked, shivering, but mostly laughing. When he decided, with no ring in his hand and not even a cent to his name that she had to propose. So he did, excited about a life together, she never thought of saying no.

Tears streaming down her eyes, she touched the jersey from the collar, with her hands then moved them all over it. Then she came across a white envelope with her name on it, it was from her late husband. She had to open it, she needed to and the only appropriate place to do so was at his favourite place. She headed for the garden, to his favourite place, his favourite seat next to all the roses and flowers.

My Love
Your presence has given me hope, a better outlook on life. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the love you’ve given me. I will forever be grateful for the blessing in my life that is you. My life changed for the better because of you.

On this day before our wedding, I’m not only excited, but have a mixture of good emotions. I have waited ten impatient years to make you my wife and now we are only a few hours away to living our dream, you let loose a love in me which was hidden unknowingly.

I will love you today, tomorrow and even in the after live.
I can’t wait for you to become Mrs Watson.

Your Love

Even with all the pain, she was grateful for the numbered days, they had shared. In those days, she experienced eternal, pure and true love at its best. Even though she was hurt, she knew he would have expected her to move on.


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