“Love is like a roaring thunder, it will try to strike when you least expected it to.”

One unexpected day, I found myself alone in the room; I could hear voices calling my name. I inspected the room, and found nothing except dust and dirt. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw a movement of a shadow. I froze waiting for him to speak. He had a deep and sturdy voice that made me feel as if though I was dreaming. Before I could question my thoughts I looked closer and found that I was alone. I asked myself if what happened had been real and how did I end up alone in that room?

Then all of a sudden, the voice was back, it said, “You’re the problem, you messed up, and you pushed me away like a piece of paper blown by a strong and powerful wind.”

I don’t know what got a hold of me but I started crying. Before I could wipe my tears away, I heard myself answering in response to his question, “I didn’t mean to mess up things.”

The voice and I spoke to each other as if we’d known each other for a long time. We both knew that we wanted different things and that we were so different from each other. In the end I discovered that we both need the same thing, closure. I told myself that life was there for the taking and that I had to grab it with both hands. He was gone, I was alone and I knew that he would never come back to me.

When he was still around, I had discovered that while I was working towards a strong and balanced relationship, he was trying to find that same balance with power. He used to say that feelings were to blame for troubles in a relationship. I ignored his pessimistic attitude and told myself that if I invested more love and passion then our relationship would be fine, but I was fooling myself.

After he was gone, I was alone, and I’m still alone. I’m too afraid to enter my room because I don’t know if he’ll be there or if I’ll get a good or bad response once he appears. When I think of those times, of the times when he broke me, my eyes would fill with tears.

That was how I experienced and learned from my mistakes. But God reminded me that He’s able and proved Himself as my helper. I accepted God in my life only to find out; I was accepting Love to be cultivated in me.

Do you believe that love can hurt a person?