Once upon a time, there were two happy new lovers. They were determined to make their new relationship work, even though they received so much pressure from other people.

One summer’s afternoon, the guy visited his partner at her apartment. When he arrived, everyone was in the front room, it was as if they were there to see the two lovers go off on their first date. They met at the apartment entrance. As they made their way down the stairs, there were two girls sitting there. They seemed to be jealous and asked the lady about her ex-lover in front of her new boyfriend.

Their intention was to embarrass the lady in front of her boyfriend because they didn’t want to see her happy. This lady was so attractive that she got the attention of any man that looked at her. Unfortunately, she was content and happy in her new relationship. The couple went back to the lady’s room as if nothing had happened. The jealous pair that they had passed on the stairs followed them to the room. When they entered the room, I woke up and it was just a dream.


Tell us: Do you believe that dreams are linked to our thoughts?