I read somewhere that love is a verb, that it is an action word. I read somewhere that we should not love each other in words but in actions and in truth. I am left here wondering, are we doing enough to love each other truly?

Growing up, when I got to the age where I could tell black from white, my first reference of love was from my mother. She was married to a soldier, my father, a man who was hardly ever home because of work. But, on a daily basis she would wake up daily humming a song, ready to nurture and love anyone and everyone she made contact with.
As the years went by and the world became less of a playground, I started noticing how much love was surrounded by chaos in black families. So much so that I could hardly even notice healthy non-toxic love. Black women carry these families on their backs, overextending themselves while they receive next to nothing in return and it hurts me. Can black families just please normalise loving women in action and in truth? Please.

The moral fibre of our communities is fading day by day because there isn’t enough love and kindness shared in black families. Children witness and see the pain that adults put each other through, all in the name of love and it becomes a pain shared.

I read somewhere that love is a verb.
Can we as black families please love each other in action and in truth?
Love in black families need to be restored.


Tell us: What type of love did you want to grow up seeing and why?