You hijacked me in front of my friends. I screamed so loud for someone to help me but there was no one to help. You put me in that horrible house, plastics blowing all over. I couldn’t even sleep at this place but despite all of that I get used to it. I gave myself time to know you. I enjoy being around you and when you teach me new stuff.

You were having those moments where you just get angry for no reason and I have to understand everything. But throughout everything I didn’t care, cos I was in those cold sometimes warm walls. I couldn’t believe I was out when you let me go.

Sometimes love can put you in a place where you are happy to be while it’s gradually killing you. Love is like being hijacked by somebody who doesn’t even think about how you feel. Someone who is heartless. Loving someone is putting yourself in a situation where you don’t even know where it will lead to.