A man is supposed to be someone that provides and protect the community, build it to be the better and best place ever and not destroy it. I have seen men that are willing to witness their communities prosper and willing to be the one that bring that prosperity. My father is one of those men, a very good example in our community, a respected man and for that we are a much respected family in our community.

As we all know there are also those bad or cruel men in our communities that have an aim to destroy our communities, even willing to break the law in order for them to get what they wish for.

I was once robbed of my phone in broad daylight. One guy came to me and said “hello cute girl” and I replied thinking he was going to offer me friendship or even ask me out because I think he was two years older than me. Unexpectedly he said “entlek girl please ndishayenge tiger”. I was so disappointed by how he looked because he looked like a decent guy, unlike those nyaope boys that roam around asking for one rand not mentioning ten rand, I wondered where he thought I would get ten rand from.

I told him I didn’t have ten rand and then I heard him calling for his guys using this manner “zwakalan’marhumsha”. I was so scared, even sweating. Three guys came and one said “Queen Elizabeth skawara fandag we`ll teach you something fresh ’’. I was yearning to ask him if he even knew who Queen Elizabeth was, but I had to control myself if I wanted to arrive home safe and alive.

One of them came closer, I trembled and he realised that I was scared and he used that to his advantage. He tried to touch me and I resisted, but because of my resistance he harshly touched me again searching through my pockets for something. Lucky for him I had twenty rand for taxi and my new Mobicel phone. After finding these two special assets of mine, he laughed with of satisfaction. I was very torn and begged him to give my phone back.

He realised he had power over me and commanded me to dance for him if I wanted my phone back. I was so disgusted but had no choice but to. As I was about to dance for him four men appeared and the thugs ran away with my possessions. I went home to tell my parents the bad news and they kept on questioning themselves who could be capable of so much cruelty.

Two weeks after this event took place, I then heard that my mutual friend was raped by two guys on her way to school, one of the guys was arrested but the other one is roaming around the streets of Makhaza. Having rapists, thugs and murderers in the community can make it unsafe and very dangerous to live in. But the story continues, an angry mob killed three thugs. The community got tired of living in fear because of thugs.

Anger is never a good thing as it can lead people to do something that they will later regret. By these words I urge everyone who knows that if their lifestyle is affecting someone negatively, please try to change your ways before it`s too late. Remember what they say, “take care of the truth before it takes care of you”.