I live in a very dangerous and unsafe community called Graves Town. I have no friends because people here are copies of the devil. You want to know why they call it Graves Town? In every street at least twenty-five thousand people have died – and do you want to know why so many? Well it is because Graves Town is a deserted land far from the outside land. Goosebumps start rising for the strangest things because goosebumps are a norm.

My life can be referred to as a desert. Nothing inside me is living, neither water nor food can give me energy. I hold no grudges, but my life inherits darkness and only darkness can be found. The community I live in – not even a mouse would survive in it. Violence is an everyday norm and death is a regular occurrence.

You never know when death is coming, because people die like flies around you. The place reeks of dead bodies and I totally feel unsafe. This place is the unsafest town ever, but it is also the only place I can live in. I am an abandoned , as well as an orphaned child. My parents were killed in this so called “Grave Town”!

There are no rules and regulations which kind of makes everyone do as they please. There is no such thing called friendship. Everyone you see is an enemy. We are at war against each other, because we only think badly about someone at first sight.

Graves Town is like a dorm. I do not walk around, play and hangout, because I fear for my life. I cannot say I live in a house, because I stay with fifty people in one house. No one is rich, it is always each man for himself. We rely on hunting and also roast rats for dinner. Everyone sleeps early because there is a lot of gangsterism in the community. Graves Town has the highest rate in killing people in the whole world.

Home of the poor, home of the dead, home of the fearless and home of the bad. That is the place I live in. Every child’s future is blocked because no child dares to walk around for about two miles without being killed or tortured. I fear for the lives of the innocent, but it is hard to spot the innocent, because the colours of evil and sweetness is a disguise.

Many people have tried to be audacious, but it is a risk only for the brave and it is also suicidal. I sometimes imagine myself changing this town, but the truth remains that Graves Town will always have people with aversions. Pain and wounds are my only friends. Diseases and sickness is something nobody can prevent from coming or going.

I always keep my thoughts and ideas to myself. My parents used to tell me that I could become something better in the future, hoping that everything will change in time. I have heard stories that jail breakers come to Graves Town to hide, because no police or army dare to step foot in Graves Town.

They say that seeing is believing, but trust me, you would never want to see such a place, where demons are in the form of people and where everyone become murderers. A place where beauty never exists. Graves Town is a place of entry, but no exit. My worst fears lie in this town.

I personally advise you not to go into Graves Town as “they” will lure you and you will become one of “them”.