“So we’ll place the bones in the desert at night and by the morning we will reveal our discovery,” said Professor Lyse to his colleague.

The two had been renowned in the field of evolution. However, they knew that the ignorant and gullible masses in society believed them only because of their titles: Professor. Their aim was simply to dispute all religious contexts of the Bible. Fortunately for professor Lyse and Professor Eveiced, people of the 22nd century lost all cognitive abilities in thinking logically.

The theory that mankind was evolving was considered erroneous, for mankind was actually not. This secret though, needed not even be kept from the public eye, for most people loved to be drowned into fantasy. Sightings of mythical creatures and strange phenomenon filled the horizon of their minds. The truth was saturated with matters of irrelevance; the news was fake, classrooms aimed at dumbing down children.

“Breaking news! Ladies and Gentlemen, I as your host and my name is Bugiardo. I’m here live with Professor Lyse and Professor Eveiced on their phenomenal discovery,” said the reporter as they showed the skeletal remains of a human-being.

“Please Professor Lyse, can you explain in what timeline did this newly discovered man live in?”

“Certainly, this man lived two trillio… I mean billion years ago, he is called Sciocco credere Questo and we believe he’s related to our ancestors twice removed in the homo-sapiens tree,” said Professor Lyse as he cautiously now preceded to cleaning the bones which had dirt on them.

“Now Professor Lyse, what would be this melting like occurrence?” asked the reporter while surveying the arm detached from the skeleton.

Hesitant to respond, Professor Lyse thought of the best explanation he could come up with.

“OK, this here is caused by eating plastics,” said Professor Lyse who motioned that they needed to continue analysing the skeleton thus the interview was cut short.

“Dammit! The sun is burning the wax model quickly. Professor Eveiced repair it,” said Professor Lyse who knew that the skeletal mould would melt due to the heat of the day. After extracting the skeleton they had buried, the two professors mentioned they would now analyse the skeleton in their lab.

The evening news broadcasted the miraculous discovery. Everyone was amazed that ten different skeletons were found in a month. Textbooks of both schools and universities began the printing of Sciocco credere Questo. People believed everything they were told. Subliminally, after being told that they evolved from primitive beasts, people began to have the intellect and customs like such beast.

The truth was hidden from them. Life in the 22nd century differed only in calendar years to that of the 21st century.


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