A simple way I define a friend is any person who you like and enjoy being with. And everybody has that person in their lives. The one they open up their hearts to, the one they agree with, the one who is always around whether the skies are blue or grey.

You see, friendship is a good thing, no doubt about that! However, it is even better when, for example, friend A gives fifty and friend Z gives fifty, together making one hundred. Problems often arise when the 50/50 system is not attained. For instance, friend A is always the one to call, text, visit or check up on friend Z. Friend Z cannot bother to do any of those things unless friend A makes the first step.

From the above scenarios, I bet you get what I’m trying to put across.

It shouldn’t be one person carrying the load of friendship, but the other too. Tell you what, the moment you see this happening with people you call friends – cut them off! Yes, every one of them. Trust me it’s not a sin to let people in your life go.

Why do I say so?

Well, it’s because friendship is LIKE A GAME OF TENNIS; where you have two people hitting a small ball back and forth over a net, using rackets. Now, when one person hits the ball, he also gives time for the other to do the same and vice versa. That’s exactly the way friendship is.

Playing tennis by oneself is no fun, so why should you be the only one running around chasing the other friend?


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