We all have different views on life, which is understandable since we all live different lives. Imagine if we all lived the same life; you’re probably asking whose life we would choose to live. Most people tend to think they have the worst life and would love to have different lives. I tend to hear a lot of, “If only I was like…” But then people have no idea what they might be signing themselves up for. No life is perfect regardless of how glamorous it may seem on the outside.

In my life, I’ve learnt to rely on myself because people are selfish when it comes to certain things. Let’s take happiness as an example. It’s not everyone that’s happy with you or that’s happy for you.

I’ve also learnt that most people in life aren’t there to help you grow in all aspects but are simply there to “cut off” your ear, ensuring that you don’t hear the necessary information needed for your growth.

These are just some of my life experiences, and as I said in my introduction, we all have different lives thus different views. My message is that we should be grateful for this life.


Tell us: What is your view on life?