With life, you’ll always question everything. From how you were born to why you were born and even wonder how you’ll die. Some of these questions are simply rhetorical.

It’s much easier to Google those questions and discover your answers there than to find answers during self-introspection. Even if you do find them, they somehow have a way of sounding foreign. From your thoughts, feelings, dreams, wishes and desires to your emotions, there’s always that thing that makes it feel like you’re trapped in another body. You feel inadequate. But what can you do, besides hope to be a better you?

Although it’s hard to realise the person that you are, it’s even more confusing and more like trying to solve X in a mathematical equation. Trying to figure out where X fits is easy for some, but to others it just won’t make sense.

That’s how life works. You’re either given two options or more and it’s up to you to make a decision and choose which is best for you.

Life is like chess. When you sacrifice a king for a queen, it’s like football when the means have to justify the ends. In life, to have something you have to be willing to make tough choices. Nothing is ever given on a silver platter.

The more you grow, the more you discover certain things. Sometimes you discover that what you were taught at pre-school is not really how you were taught before. It isn’t how they said it would happen.

The harder you try to discover some things, the more it only leaves you with more unanswered questions. The more you try to answer those questions, the more confused you become. It could have just been easier if we were always grateful for what we had and not be greedy. But they do say that the mind should hunt for what it desires.

But what happens when the mind itself is not satisfied with what it gets? What do you do to satisfy the desires of the ever craving, needy mind?

Do you let it be or continue pleasing something that does not reward you? Do you continue serving the mind with hopes that one day all your hard work will be paid off or do you just give up?

That’s the thing with this world, all the options are right before us. But sometimes we’re just blind because we just want what’s best and whatever option we may choose becomes our choice. There is no such thing as “I didn’t have a choice.” Whatever you chose, was your choice.