Whatever happened to kissing by the river side under the tress at night? Whatever happened to talking long walks by the river banks with the one you love? Whatever happened to holding hands with your partner whilst walking? Whatever happened to the old romance, the non-extravagant way of living; the old way of doing things?

When children were born normally without any caesarean sections? Where a mother could give birth to more than 5 children and still be healthy, strong and willing to have more? Those were the perfect days.

The days when God blessed people because they behaved according to His teachings; when young ones respected their elders without question. Where they did as they were told without suspicion or doubt. Those were days when you could ask something from the Almighty and you’d have it by the end of the day or tomorrow the latest.

Those days are gone, because the teachings of yesterday have died with the ones who practiced them. Children of today do not care about love, respect and honor of their adults. Children today have lost the true essence of life. They no longer care about what’s important.

They only care about what’s next; where the next party or bash will be; when the next concert will be; who will wear what color heels or dress and where they are gonna buy the latest weave. Is it gonna be Brazilian or Portuguese?

Trends have taken over the life of today and kids have lost their ways. They are doing things the way it suits them not the way things should be done. So the blessings are gone. They live and survive merely by a stroke of luck. That is why there is youth and infant mortality.

That is why the older generation still lives longer than the younger generation. Can the old ways be restored? No, because we as the youth of today refuse to see reason. We refuse to listen and understand when we are being told. We refuse to incorporate the olden ways into the new and more sophisticated lives.