Busi was a very humble and quiet girl who really had a passion for singing. She lived in Johannesburg with her parents.

A week ago her friend told her that there would be a competition at school on the 1st July. It was called Joburg’s Got Talent.

Over the weekend, Busi thought about the competition that was about to come up, but she wanted to have a chat with her friend Ayanda for advice.

She called Ayanda, “Hey chommie, I think we should meet up.”

“Hi girl, okay sure no problem,” Ayanda stated.

What if Busi wins and then she leaves me all of a sudden. I cannot let that happen, Ayanda thought.

“Hello Ayanda,” Busi said.

“Hi. So what is it you wanted to discuss?” asked Ayanda in a worried tone.

“Oh uhm I really don’t know if I should enter the contest,” Busi said.

“How are you going to enter without informing your parents?” Ayanda gasped.

“I will think about it,” Busi said.

A few days passed and Busi decided that she wanted to tell her parents about the contest.

“Dad, Mo,: can I speak to you guys?” Busi asked in an small voice.

“Yes, Busi,” said her mom.

“Can … can I enter the singing contest?” she asked.

“No! It’s your final year, focus on your school work!” her dad shouted.

Busi ran to her room crying and banged her bedroom door.

Little did her parents know that Busi had already signed up.

On the day of the contest Busi decided to go because she didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t show up. So she went to the competition without her parents and best friend knowing about it.

As the competition went on, Busi was number three on the list to go and sing. She went up on stage and sang her best.

Andiswa a girl from her school won first place and Busi was awarded third place.

As sad as she was, she went home with nothing. She asked herself why she didn’t win?


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