It was a Saturday night, a night out with the guys. No plans – just a night to loosen up and have some fun. I was not hoping to bump into you, my crush. I don’t remember much but I knew that my heart would beat out of my chest whenever you came close. My tongue got tighter, my mouth wouldn’t open. Every inch of my body would freeze like a statue into a state that fear took over and my personality would shrink.

I took a shot of whatever I was having, took a turn to face the fear of talking to you and grab reality by the throat. As I approached you and was getting ready to greet you, I realised that every inch of your body was perfect.

Palms sweating, stomach turning but that would never stop me from saying a few words to you.

In the line of fire, I knew there was no turning back from the accomplishment, there was no turning back from what I was about to do. I looked you in the eyes and said, “Hey, I’m Marvin. I’ve been having this crazy crush on you, I would love to get to know you,” in a way that was foolish coz my love for you was sticky like brown sugar.

You were in to me but not a lady of many words. To you actions spoke louder than words. “Let love reign, let me take care of you,” words that were left ringing in my right ear.

The end of the night, not exactly just taking a breather from loud music, and dirty dancing, on the outside, talking, opening up to each other, next thing we are kissing, touching just feeling each other.

That was an amazing position to be in, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, body to body, it was getting hot. We took it to the next level, where one action could mean the most to me, I was hard, I could feel that I am smashing only to realize that am wet.

It was a dream, not just a dream but a wet dream.