Many times people say that your body can sense if you are going to receive bad news. Well that wasn’t the case for me. Mom got admitted to hospital on Sunday. I was scared, what if I lost her? Losing my mom was one of my biggest fears until I had to face it head on.

We went to the hospital on Monday to check how my mom was doing and she did not look good at all. I felt like I was going to lose her, I had hope but it was only a little bit of hope.

I had to go to the shop with my little sister Thando and I left my phone at home. “I feel so exhausted though I haven’t done anything that needs much work,” said Thando.

“I also feel like that hey,” I replied.

I had a missed call, who could it be? I panicked — I could sense that it wasn’t a good call at all.

I went to tell my older sister, Sthembile, about the call but she was on the phone. She had tears in her eyes. Don’t tell me my mom has died, I thought.

She hung up and I asked, “She is dead right?”

“Yes,” she replied sadly.

I couldn’t believe it for a second. I let out a loud cry. It explained why I had been feeling like this since earlier on. Sometimes life is unfair, I had lost my mom. Who would take care of us? She was the only parent we were left with, but now she was no more.

It was my first year at university I was waiting for my examination results, I wanted to show my mom my results, but of course I couldn’t. My results came, I passed all four modules with distinctions. I knew I would make it. I was so excited.

Second semester I passed three modules with distinctions. I made it. All in all I passed my first year with seven distinctions. Despite these achievements, sometimes life isn’t fair; I would have celebrated this victory with mom if she was still around.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. Despite what we go through in life, God will never fail us. Even though I lost my mom I didn’t drop out of university. Life goes on, sometimes life is not fair but some situations are there to build us and make us stronger. Whatever you’re facing, just know that the situation is not a permanent one.


Tell us: Do you agree that “some situations are there to make us stronger”? Why?