I was always in front of the camera. I never imagined myself at the back of a camera because I never thought that cameras were for people like me. I never thought I would own it one day, I thought it was for the few individuals who could afford life itself.

I first held a camera at the age of 17 when I was doing grade 11. It was not a fancy camera; it was a point and shoot, Samsung to be exact. The organization that was helping me with my studies gave me a film disposal camera when I was doing grade 12 to document my matric ball. It was the beginning of my career in photography, I thought.

Ever since I held that camera, my dream was to be a photographer. I went to study journalism, so I could be a photojournalist. Thing have not worked in my favor but I have taken a few matric balls, a few small weddings and lots of portraits. It’s not how I envisioned myself, but at least I have had a small glimpse of what my life can be with a camera by my side.

I have been obsessed with cameras ever since receiving my first camera. I have been seeing things with a different eye. After I graduated I tried to make a career out of it, but it is hard to be a photographer when everyone is a photographer, I mean, everyone has a smart phone with an app that can remove any blemishes and spots, even the wrinkles. So I had to find a job that will pay the bills while I am still figuring out the secret to being the best photographer in Cape Town.

Cameras are not just black and silver boxes, they capture real life moments, they make me see beauty in everything around me, and they make the world around me stand still in a world that is moving fast. Cameras helped me see the light during my anxiety attacks, my depressive moments and my dark days. Every time I capture something’s it’s like an ice blink waiting to be saved.

I cannot imagine my life without them, whenever I feel down; I walk to the streets of Stellenbosch and capture life as it happens. When I do get a chance to shoot, I secretly dance whimsically as my feet float on the air, self-doubt starts to drift away and disappear in the wind, because people are starting to believe in what I am doing. Unfortunately, it’s often because some people would rather save money than make memories that they can show to their loved ones when they no longer have the same appearance as they have today.

Cameras are life to me; they make everyday stress seem like a small trial that can be overcome.