Let me take you back to those horrible days when I was still a child, an innocent child.

I was staying with my mom and step-father. Back then I was the only child at home and my step-father was the one providing everything at home. Back then he was working at Afrimat and my mom was working at the farm, Eplasini.

My step-father was addicted to alcohol. He would drink until he became drunk, lose control and start beating my mom. I would shout for the neighbours, but no one would come. There was nothing I could do as he was the provider at home.

My mom got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, a princess. Life became tougher for me because my step-father lost his job and I had to stay with him at home. He abused me, forced me to eat food while I was full and told me I was stupid. I never told anyone about this, but it’s true. He loved his small daughter, the little princess, and hated me.

He would act nice with me when my mom was around, but when she was gone he would turn into a monster. That caused pain and I held a grudge against him. Through all the pain I gained something. I became strong and was able to face all sorts of bad situations coming my way.


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