I would just like to send thanks to my holy God. I experienced good and bad things in life and I know everyone has their unique journey. I understand that because we are not same as people, our journeys will obviously be different. We meet different challenges in our different journeys, and sometimes stones are scattered on our roads. These stones disturb our path. You come across thunderstorms and fear to walk and wait for a minutes. But others walk and move towards their destinations while you’re waiting.

But I looked all around and realised the journey is not a running competition. Everyone should enjoy it without pressure from seeing neighbours perform better. Our destinations are not the same. Sometimes we end up stranded without any clue because we ignore our different callings. Don’t forget that God created us and He is the driver of lives. So when He sends you to Polokwane, don’t change routes and go to Rustenburg simply because you’re seeing most people going there. At the end you will see that your plan hasn’t worked at all. Really nowadays let’s walk our journeys and become what we should be, and be strong when we are faced with challenges on the way. Stand up when you fall until you have reached your journey.


Tell us: What would you say your own unique journey has been?