“Amazing, absolutely marvellous,” gasped Mr X while staring at the first ever human to be created by inorganically. In one of the many underground labs, Mr X had the most prominent scientists work on transcending the human nature. Humanity, of course, was unaware that Mr X and his organization were now in the last phases of world domination.

The masses who lived in society were nothing but live-stock to Mr X. Each person was given a birth-certificate notifying when they were born. Also, every person possessing an identification number proved further that people were nothing more than mere cattle. Controlling life was now the completed and final task for Mr X’s quest for world-domination. Every person, when dead as well, was given a death certificate to further show the extent in how much control over the lives of people Mr X hand.

“Sir, he is ready,” said a scientist who approached Mr X. They were now walking into a secluded place in the lab. Within the hall-way, light was only visible from the test tubes placed on either end of the fall-way. Walking past each glass tube, the visibility of Mr X’s malevolent smile, sleek hair and black suit was periodical after he passed each test tube. He stared left and right at the grotesque experiments, some experiments consisted of a half-human, half-shark. Such were but a few of the experiments showcasing what took place in the underground labs.

“There he is sir,” said the scientist while showing Mr X a man in a test tube.

“Perfect. He’s the one,” mentioned Mr X of his false ‘saviour’ that he and his organization had planned and were expecting to come upon Earth.

This false ‘saviour’ was an engineered being who was able to transcend all limitations of a human-being. The moment was perfect as Mr X now made humanity seep into chaos. Thus the perfect opportunity was created for this false ‘saviour’ to further the conquest of world-domination for Mr X.


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