It was in the middle of the night at a very awesome party when Lebohang recognised that she really needed to go home.

“Chomza, I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out for the rest of the night. I really need to go home. You know how strict my father is,” said Lebo.

“Chomie I understand but I won’t have much fun without you, my dearest friend, anyway go home safely.” said Nomsa with a stressed face.

On her way home she was frightened by the quiet, dark streets. She really wished to party till the end but her parents were very strict and she respected them. As she walked alone she saw a car, a very fancy one as it stopped. Then the driver opened the window and called Lebo.

Lebo was scared but she was charmed by the good looking and sexy guy.

I have no choice, thought Lebo to herself approaching the car.

“Why on earth would such a pretty lady like you travel alone in the middle of the night?” asked the driver smiling.

“I’m from a party,” replied Lebo in a soft tone, smiling back.

“Oh, me too. Can I take you home please?” asked the driver.

“Why not,” replied Lebo with excitement.

Lebo’s friend Nomsa was jealous of Lebo. Lebo was intelligent, beautiful, well-mannered and boys would give Lebo all their attention. But Nomsa was different from Lebo; she would pass with low marks at school, she liked boys, and she got so frustrated when boys never had showed her any interest.

“Why is life so unfair? Even the hottest dude in town agreed to accompany Lebo home, ahg! But as long as my plan works I have nothing to worry about. I’ll make sure that I destroy her cute little, precious life. Boys will start paying me attention. Why wouldn’t they? I mean, I’m cute too, the only problem is that little brat, Lebo. I’ll show her what I’m capable of!” said Nomsa with an evil smile.

She took her phone out of her bag and dialled Lebo’s boyfriend.

“Hey Nathi, did you see that Lebo was with Thabang in his car, flirting together? said Nomsa over the phone.

“Which Thabang, the popular one at school?” asked Nathi.

“The one and only,” replied Nomsa.

“Whatever, you’ve started with your jealousy over Lebo,” said Nathi. “This is not the first time you speak lies about Lebo. You are just jealous of her,” said Nathi.

“Nathi, I’m truly serious believe me, I…” said Nomsa. But before she could finish, Nathi cut her off.

“I don’t have time for you Nomsa. I got lots of things to keep me busy than listening to your lies. Bye!”

He dropped his phone.

“Ahg that fool. But I’m not done yet. And I won’t stop till I destroy her life I promise!” said Nomsa angrily.