You looked deeply into my eyes; you held my hand so softly. Every time you hugged me, I could feel the warmth of your body as you whispered the words “I love you” in my ear. We made promises to each other; we swore that we would never break each other’s heart. I opened up to you. I was not even afraid to because I thought that you were as real as I was.

All the effort you put into our love, all the sweet messages you sent every chance you had, the flowers you gave me whenever you visited and your way with words. Oh, every time you opened your mouth… Man, it felt like I was at a poetry session. You knew how to make my heart smile.

Nothing you did was wrong in my eyes. You were just perfect. You were my soul mate. The only man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had a deep conversation with my heart. I said to it, “Finally, you are happy. You are at ease, and you have found love and peace. You have to give back what you receive; love as you are loved. Love even more if you want to.”

I told my heart, “Yes, we are going to face trials and tribulations, sadness and happiness. We are going to cry and smile now and then, but hey, it’s all part of it. After all, what’s life without challenges? We are going to be alright, because it is not going to be one heart against it all; it’s going to be two hearts. Together they will face whatever comes their way. Nothing is going to destroy these two hearts, because love conquers it all, and passion… passion trumps it all.”

That is the day that I decided to give you my heart, because I believed it would be safe with you. I believed you felt the same as I did. I was prepared to put a smile on your face every day, to make sure that not even once did I become the reason you cried or why you were sad. I was the woman who was not afraid to love you, who was prepared to give you my all. I was the woman who believed so tremendously in love, that I held it brutal to say you love someone but not give your all to them.

Just when I was certain, happy, satisfied, peaceful and in love with you. Just when I unlocked my heart and prepared to face everything we might go through together. Just when I took an oath to love you forever, and when I just believed, truly believed, that it was forever…that we were forever…

You stood there; I saw how your eyes were struggling to make contact with mine. You just couldn’t look at me. You were so uncomfortable, like you were forced to be there. For a moment, I thought you were going to stand there like a witch being caught. Finally, words came out.

You asked for my forgiveness. You said it wasn’t deliberate, that you never meant for things to get here. You said you were a horrible person who didn’t deserve someone like me in your life. You said you never meant to break my heart. You were beating around the bush. I asked you to just say what you wanted to say.

Then you said you didn’t love me anymore. I was confused. I wondered how one stops loving the other. You said I am better off without you. My heart dropped. I could feel it bleeding. I could taste the sourness of my tears, and the little voices in my head were unavoidable.

I spent the whole night taking a trip down memory lane, picturing the moments where you used to whisper sweet nothings to me. I wondered how long you knew that you did not love me anymore. Can a heart love someone and the next moment not?

Once again, I had a conversation with my heart. I told it, “It is not your fault that you chose to love and care.” I told it, “You were not foolish to open up and love.” I told it, “You are phenomenal, you are beautiful and you are kind. You love and, when you love, you really love, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

There is nothing wrong with being real with yourself and with others. Love is honest. Love is caring and transparent. Love is not mistaken. If you search through your heart, you will know the truth, the truth that you cannot hide from anyone. And it’s OK when your heart doesn’t feel the same way as the other heart…You just have to be honest about what you feel. There’s no need to hurt, deceive and break the other heart. I told my heart that there is another like you out there, many of them.

I hope that your heart finds its true self, so that when it finds the heart that it belongs with, it is honest, loyal, kind and caring. I hope your heart learns the true meaning of love and understands the nature of it.


Tell us what you think: Have you ever been dumped? What reason were you given for the breakup?