Dear God

It has been eight months since I put a request for your help but nothing is happening just yet. I am wondering if you heard me and are still processing my request, or if I should keep on asking. I am afraid that if I pray for too long your answers will pass me by and then again wonder if it hasn’t passed me by already.

I am impatient, you know me but I fully trust you. You have to understand that you are my only hope and saviour. There is none to help me but you. As you know the predicament I am currently facing is too great for me. I am confused. Coming to you with my problems gives me solace but sometimes I wish there was a flesh and blood human being I could talk to and entrust my problems to. I am a sinner repenting only to be close to you, please forgive me. I know that you have never failed me and also that you won’t start now.

You are my GOD, my only GOD. I know that there is a chance for everything in your will. Please forgive me if I have been impatient with your love and grace. So I have taken a decision to be still and wait for your answer. I will not be asking anymore, for you know what I need.

I have decided to instead give you praises and worship for you have truly blessed me with 25 years in counting. Being thankful for all you have done for me and what you will do for me in the near future. Thank you for the days of my life. Thank you for your graceful presence in my life.


Tell us: Do you feel sometimes that God is not hearing you? What do you do when that happens?