This will most likely be a drop in a media distracted ocean, left my spirit on this canvas, my intentions to convince, overshadowed by injustices, drained my hope so I’m partly soulless.
Even if I painted a picture with the blood of all the innocent laities on the streets, gave it a descriptive clarity with the brutal visions of violated women, your attention would still be diverted by power driven deceitfulness.

Sorry, your request is unclear, you want the help of communities? We should speak up? Endanger our lives for the same law that put guns in our laitie’s faces, for resembling habits of gangsters, in a city informally governed by gangs where drug dealers feed people that the government doesn’t know exist.
Politicians steal millions, taking food off thousands of plates and gets a slap on the wrist.
We need help!

Respect to the activist on the streets, fighting for change confronting injustice, inspiring, elevating the youth in a generation. Whereas those with a platform glamourise gangsterism, cover up the deceitful thieves in power that don’t see the self-genocide of coloured people as acts of terrorism.
Our woman and coloured brothers are dying. But your attention is diverted by power driven deceitfulness!


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