As we live here on earth, we must learn how to work together as one. We must have one eye to see the future together for no man is an island. Sometimes we fail to achieve our goals in life just because we choose not to work together. We choose to judge one another based on our appearances. We tend to underrate one another based on our differences. We sometimes see those people who are different from us as if they are not good enough to work with us. We forget that we are all human beings who have been blessed with great knowledge.

It is very sad when I see people who are from rich families devaluing those who are from poor families. Tears even rise up in my eyes when I see children from well to do families isolating those from poor families. Sometimes I ask myself this question: Is it wrong to be born in a poor family? But the answer that comes to mind is a straight “no”. We are all the same, whether we’re from a rich or a poor family. It is just that we were born in different settings and it just happened that our parents differ in economic and social backgrounds. But we are all the same.

You will find kids from well to do families tend to chill among themselves and those who are from poor families also chill by themselves only because they differ in terms of their background.

You will find that different offices, shops and even restaurants will tend to respect the well-to-do families and view the poor families with suspicious eyes as if they are thieves yet both of these people are from the same country. This is very sad indeed.

Here is one thing that most people don’t know and realize: being poor or coming from a poor family does not mean that you are not intelligent. And being rich or coming from a well-to-do family does not mean that you know everything and that your life is better than other people’s. You might have everything in your life but lack freedom in your heart. You can be rich but have a family that is full of disagreements.

On the other hand, you can be from a poor background but bleed happiness. One can be a street beggar but manage to bring a smile in one’s heart. Sometimes, the poor can have valuable ideologies that the rich can apply to their lives. So as we live, we have to respect our differences and work together as one. We are all equal before the Lord.


Tell us: Do you agree that we should not judge a person based on whether or not they’re rich or poor?