When I say let us discipline our people I mean it. In our daily lives we always blame how the world has become a messed up place, how it has turned to be more graveyards than a harmonious place.

Actually there is nothing wrong with the world on its own, people are the ones who are turning the world upside-down. Had God created animals only, would the world be this messy? That is for meditation.

All bad things are done by human beings. People must be taught how to treat the world and the things in it.

You will hear someone saying “These churches are playing with people’s emotions. Marriages are a living hell,” or “I will never work as a nurse because they are cruel and they beat patients.” What turns out to be wrong is a person. It’s how you treat all of these things.

A church is not wrong but someone who goes to church or who opens church with their hidden agenda is wrong. Marriage is not wrong but the people in it are. Being a nurse is not wrong but those nurses that beat patients are.

My point is stop putting blame to certain things, blame it on people and discipline people. Teach people how to treat things around them because the things/objects we tend to blame can’t talk and can’t be disciplined. The problem is within a person.

We cannot blame the world but blame the people in it, but let’s not just put blame, but teach them; educate our society.


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