Loving and accepting oneself can be hard since we all have our own idea of how one should be in order to be loved and accepted by society. Another hard thing we struggle with is forgiveness. As humans, we still struggle with the basic idea of forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we did.

Most of us have gone through stages of trying to impress and please people, and that has never yielded any good results.

We all want good results in whatever we do. We also want to be appreciated, noticed, and respected. However, what do we do if we get the opposite? More often than not, that is what we get. Listen! It’s normal to feel hurt and down. The opposition tends to be louder than what we really are and it has gotten to a point that we don’t even believe who we truly are or it has become a joke.

We don’t believe we are beautiful or smart enough. We just don’t but that is who we are. Instead, we have so believed in what the opposition says about us and it goes like: you’re not good enough, you’re not smart like them.

So what do we do when the opposite happens? We lose confidence and feel useless when we believe the opposition. But again, let it not change you for worse. Care for what is right, try by all means to do what is right.

Don’t bully people, don’t make nasty jokes about other people. People will laugh and perhaps that will make you feel great, but people are laughing because they’re hopeless. People laugh at other people’s misfortunes because they want to feel better about themselves.

People are dying because of depression, they committing suicide because they either have no one, are bullied and or made a laughing stock. But I say let it not be you. You have been through worse, you still at your worse, most of us are. But imagine South Africa, imagine Africa and imagine the world if we all can try to be the things we can achieve if someone who knows my situation and has the power to rescue me does so, rather than to put me down.

Let it not be you that have make people commit suicide, let it not be you that has made people lose hope. Let it not be you that people are scared to walk alone, let it not be you that people have lost hope in love. Let it not be you that people no longer have joy in this world. Motivation is you, motivation is what you have been through, motivation is what you’re still going through but still you push with that little you have.


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