To the standards of society he was scum, but to Vanessa, Leonard was the one man she truly was in love with. They met when he was in hospital; she being his doctor. Ever since then they were inseparable. Leonard knew no other lifestyle than the life he was living, a common civilian.

Vanessa on the other hand was raised in a strict and affluent life-style. Her father, Mr Irving was a professor at a very prestigious university. Vanessa’s mother was simply obedient to Mr Irving’s will that she always was in submission to him.

“I can’t wait for your marriage,” said Mr Irving fuming over the fact that Vanessa was in love with scum like Leonard.

“I don’t even love that fool Jake!” protested the crying Vanessa who didn’t like the idea of her arranged marriage.

Vanessa was to marry Jake, a young man who also came from a rich background. He was a perfect match for Vanessa according to her father.

“Mother, say something,” pleaded Vanessa who was hoping her mother might reason with her father in hopes of stopping the marriage.

“Vanessa dear please, listen to your father,” mentioned Mrs Irving.

“I can’t believe it, you would actually sell your daughter,” said Vanessa nonchalantly as she ran into her room.
Locking her room door, Vanessa could cry in the sanctuary of her room.

“You shouldn’t shout at your folks like that,” said the voice of Leonard standing outside her window.

He was chewing on tobacco flavoured bubble-gum which was helping him cope since he quit smoking. This suggestion was from Vanessa; he had also abstained from alcohol and was now studying in his first year at university. Thanks to Vanessa, Leonard was steadily becoming a much better man since their first meeting.

“I wonder why we call it a full moon when only one whole half side is only visible,” stated Leonard as Vanessa now was standing next to her window.

Vanessa, wiping away her tears, was given a kiss from Leonard. His hair-style went from a mohawk to a clean cut. The clothes he wore of a punk style were replaced with a more formal look. All his piercings were gone and his once vulgar mouth only spoke uplifting and pleasant words.

“Leonard…” said Vanessa who was told to be quiet as Leonard knew she had no choice but to comply with her father.
They spent the night talking till the early hours of the morning. Leonard simply wanted their last conversation to not be gloomy and melancholy in nature.

“I promise to come say good-bye,” said Leonard as they kissed for the last time.

Vanessa couldn’t stop her tears from streaming. Leonard tried to play it cool, he walked away from her but his heart could not bear the pain either. Walking into the rising of the sun, Vanessa was staring in wonder for Leonard gave the impression of being a divine deity in the sun. He could maintain his facade no more as he silently began crying.

The pain in his heart was agonizing but the good Vanessa brought to his life undoubtedly over weighed the ache he felt.

The church bells went off as the day of the wedding had arrived. The beautiful Vanessa in her wedding dress was flooded with compliments and admiration. Her attention was now drawn to someone she noticed in the corner of her eyes.

There was no denying the connection she felt with Leonard as he stood overlooking her from a bridge. The sun being at its zenith point gave Leonard the same image of a divine being since their last meeting.

She could sense that he was smiling even though Leonard’s face cast a shadow due to the sun being above his head. She was entering the car when still Leonard remained standing there.

However, her last moments of love and happiness came to an end when the car she was in went. Vanessa in vain was trying to savor the last glimpse of Leonard until she lost sight of him. Though she saw him no more Leonard was embedded in her heart and thoughts forever.


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