We live in a world that is full of complexities and tragic life experiences, which are often perceived as ‘coincidences’. The world indeed seems magical, amazing yet complex to interpret. It is more like waking up from a coma with amnesia. The more you learn about it, the more you realise that learning is a lifetime job.

An individual may assume that everything happens for a reason or that there is a theory that can best describe things that are happening in this world. Some perceive this magical world as a miracle, some say it is your game, how it turns out depends on you – the coach!

Of all assumptions I have heard, it came to my realisation that the world is diverse, how I see it might be different to another person considering the social, physical, environmental and psychological aspects. It is overwhelming when one is in the midst of finding what resonates with their core, what makes you to be you and most importantly what it is that fulfils your purpose of being part of this magical world.

With all the wondering, unlearning to learn and adapting in this magical world, something exciting happened. I got an opportunity to see the magic of the world around me while the world itself seemed blind. When that took place, I was unable to put the experience into words because I could not possibly find better words and praises to appreciate its value. That was my ‘aha’ moment.

I was surprised to reveal that in order to understand this magical world, you have to understand yourself first. Every individual is connected to this world in various dimensions. hence to get the link of your connection to this magical world you have to know yourself, know who you are, know your purpose in this world and what it has in store for you.

I saw the change in how I used to see myself and the world around me. The most amazing exposure I could possibly live to tell the tale about was discovering that I am not who I assumed to be. Sometimes we view ourselves based on people’s opinions, as we are social beings but forgetting that each individual’s opinion is accompanied by subjective mentality from their own reality. It would be a fallacy if we had to view our potentials based on that.
In a judgemental society, every individual should try by all means to be objective and that criticism as negative at it may seem, it can be a guide to us. We can learn some of our weaknesses through paying attention to that. We are responsible for our decisions and we should never allow criticism to destroy our potential. For a while, I thought I was just being unrealistic regarding my potential. Regardless of that, I was fortunate to see that my potential was what drove me towards greatness.

It was an awakening. For the very first moment I felt like I was woken up from a dream one would wish to live up to. My ‘aha’ moment helped me to make the right decisions in terms of my intellectual endeavours and social engagement and it is currently paying off. It is not only through academic success but also finding self-worth as an individual and looking forward to making an impact in society.

What you put your mind to might seem impossible until you make it happen. I am proud to attest that our positive actions set us in a motion towards achieving greatness in the world. This ‘magical word’ requires help from the ‘magical self-awareness’ in order to flourish.


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