It is never the end of the world. You still have a lot ahead of you, more life to live. Deep down you know your capabilities. You’re not here to adhere to the population but to make a living for yourself. You know what you want. Let patience speak, have faith in yourself, foresee hope, and all your goals you will reach.

Today doesn’t determine your life, tomorrow does. Things didn’t go accordingly? It’s not your fault; it just wasn’t your time. Like the blink of an eye, difficult times pass and you just climb another hill. Let those around you bad mouth you, catch the strangers gossiping, and gaze at them while walking straight ahead. Show them you could care less; walk that walk with your head held high. It invades and kills them.

Let your smile be your bullet. It will pull the trigger and shoot them down, leaving their minds filled with wonder. Never give people the satisfaction of driving you like a donkey. They only know your image, not the person behind the picture: your innermost self.

Focus on the things that matter. You are intellectual, talented, and positive-minded; your time will come. I ain’t saying sit back and relax, stare at the walls, and wait, but rather keep chasing the future even if it means losing your breath. Stay in the race and lace up your shoes. I know your future fascinates you. I believe in you for the fanatic type of youngster you are.

Go out there, explore, and live your dream. ”I can. Yes, I will.” This is the motto I lend you today. Take it as an investment. We learn as we live.


Tell us: What are your future goals? How do you plan to accomplish them?