She was the most beautiful girl the world had ever seen, the type of a girl who got any guy’s attention when she was passing. She had all the qualities of a good woman. Her name was Lea Robinson, the only child of the late Mr and Mrs Vic and Maria Ribbons, left orphaned when they both perished in a plane crash on their visit to South Africa for their daughter’s graduation ceremony.

She was smart, intelligent and alone with no one to give her sympathy. Lea moved back to Europe to morn her parents, she also met up with friends she left three years earlier when she went to study in South Africa.

Three weeks passed, she decided to go back to South Africa. She was working at one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. She was also in a relationship with a guy; tall, handsome, brown eyes and long black Afro hair. James Franklin looked like he stepped out of a 1980s movie. He was friends with Lea since preschool. James was so charming and girls were victim of his words. The two started dating a year before their graduation; they were both doing Business law at the University of Cape Town.

She thought she could trust him with anything, not knowing she was being played. James was a good pretender; he had two affairs behind Lea’s back and one of the two was with a girl who stayed, next to Lea’s house and was close to her as a sister.

A year after the death of her parents, she was taking life as it was. Her dream was to archive the goals her parents set for her. One Tuesday morning, she received an anonymous call telling her to leave James alone. The caller said she had a child with him and they had been staying together for three years. But was it true? Lea cried. She had just found out that morning that she was one month pregnant.

“James has been staying with a woman for three years?! No it’s not true, maybe I’m dreaming!” she said as she kept questioning and confusing herself with some questions she couldn’t answer.
She called Sarah to tell her the story, she was also in shock and she told Lea to keep calm as she was going to help her investigate.

James was nowhere to be found. So it was up to the two friends to come together and come up with a plan. Sarah thought if keeping the baby by herself but Lea convinced her to abort, illegally. Sarah was confused and scared and didn’t know how she would break the news to her parents. So she agreed.

It was on a Friday evening when they did the procedures at Lea’s house. Early in the morning Lea woke up expecting good news, but unfortunately she was having abnormal stomach pains. She checked on her friend Sarah who seemed to be sleeping, but there was something strange about the way she was sleeping but Lea pushed the thought.

Around 9 a.m. Sarah was still sleeping. Her mother came to Lea’s house to check on the girls, something she never did before. Lea was asked where her friend was, she directed her mom to the bedroom and she went to hide in the kitchen, she didn’t want Mrs Hillary to notice that she too was not feeling well. Mrs Hillary tried to wake her daughter but suddenly realized she was not breathing.

She called the ambulance but it was too late, Sarah had lost a lot of blood during the abortion, that’s what the doctor said. Lea was in a corner; she was facing police questions and she was charged for her friend’s death. She was taken for surgery and they discovered that she also caused a serious damage in her womb.

The case was taken to the court and she was sentenced 8 years in prison.