My heart keeps on pumping. Pain. Knocking at the doors of happiness. With the hope of getting away from loneliness. Will it be opened any time soon?

My soul flaws deep within the mist of struggles. Canโ€™t it all pass the stage knocks that everybody is looking at. The tears from the people who keep on knocking at doors of freedom.
All doors got keys. To be opened for the knockings. All mops got floors to clean.

It keeps my life on a slow move. Like a tortoise that keeps on. Waking slowly towards its inhabitant, the dam to be free, be itself. Flow. Swim. Head in and out with the fear of losing its life along the way.

All we needed was a rest from this life journey that keeps on knocking us down.
Knock, knock keeps on knocking. Hello, is it time now? Can we get in? Can we come closer?
Is it next that just sounded? Yes. It is. Knocking feels harder, Louder to those doors. Rather keep knowing and knocking to be alive. Wake up and knock again.


Tell us: Why is it important to keep getting up when you fall in life?