I’m Thato, matriculated 2013 but still not at varsity or college. I’m 19 years of age. My mom is a chef at a lodge, my brother is working and I’m just lazing around the house.

I never meant for things to get out of hand. It really wasn’t my intention. All I ever wanted was to go to school, study hard and have the best paying job ever.

But no, life has its own issues. It just does as it pleases and that’s the reason I couldn’t reach my heart’s desires. My true destiny has vanished and I had to sit back and watch it slip even further with black eyes.

I’m over reacting a bit so let me take you back and you’ll decide for yourselves.

I went to school and studied hard because at home we were kind of average; no fancy clothes and money for lunch, no car to travel around in. So it was in my own hands to make sure I change the fate my family is in.

I managed to pass matric with a diploma and that’s where most of my problems began.

“I need to apply to go to varsity and they need money for the application mommy,” that was me, and trust me I had it all figured out.

I was getting a Nasfas bursary for my studies so all I needed was that application fee and I was out of their pockets.

“I don’t have that kinda money Thato, you know we still have to eat, go to work. We’ll figure something out next year.

And because of that I spent the whole of 2014 lazing around with nothing to do but hope 2015 will be of greater hope.