My name is Tracy Nhamunda. Everyone knows me as the girl who always smiles. People always ask me if I ever get angry because they always saw me smiling. I also asked myself the same question, even when my mom used to shout at me I never got angry, I would always laugh or smile.

I had a friend named Lionel. We almost had the same personality, maybe that is why we got along so well. Lionel always used to spread rumours about me at school, he told people that I had a blesser and he always cracked jokes about me but no one took him seriously because everyone knew that it was his job to cook up stories.

So one day I invited him to my house and he started joking about me having a blesser. Unfortunately, my mom heard us and she took this matter very seriously, she even told all my family members, including everyone from abroad.
We tried explaining to her but she took me to the hospital to undergo a virginity test. I was surprised; I couldn’t believe that my mom was suspecting me. When the results came, they proved that I was a virgin but I wasn’t happy that the misunderstanding got cleared up. Instead, for the first time, I got very angry that my prestige was ruined just because of a silly joke.

After being furious, I started to get sick. My immune system wasn’t used to the anger, that’s why I made a promise to myself that I won’t get angry again. I will keep smiling.

Tell us: Is smiling all the time toxic?