Though people may hate you and talk bad things behind your back, never get impregnated by stress and frustration from their words and reactions. But instead, just abstain yourself from them and keep on staying happy.

Those who talk behind your back do it for a reason:

• It might be that you are doing better than them.

• They may be jealous that you have something they don’t have and might never have.

• They may hate you for the success that God has blessed you with.

• They may hate you for who you are.

• They may hate you because they don’t want to see anyone doing better than them.

• It might be that things are not going well in their lives.

If people are doing the definition of hatred to you, don’t waste your time feeling like the whole world has turned against you, just remain happy and keep on moving

Again, never bring yourself down to their level for they are the type of people who like seeing other people failing or suffering. And this turns out to be one of the sources of healing to their problems in their lives. Know that God is with you all the time and He is your faithful and true friend.