Frustrations and hopelessness was all that I was left with, since completing secondary school. Life seems so cruel when all your buddies are progressing in their education while you’re at a standstill. I had dreams of becoming a journalist when I was in secondary school. I‘ve always been good at languages and that always gave me hope that I could realise my dream of becoming a journalist, or get accepted at varsity to do a BA in Communication Studies.

I even managed to be become the language student of the year during my last year of secondary school; I took that as a step towards my dreams. I wrote my final matric exams and the results came back just as I had expected; I passed with two distinctions and four strong credits. Afterwards I applied for a BA in Journalism. I waited with all the hope in the world that I would be admitted. But as they say, life doesn’t always end up the way you want it to; I was rejected.

What hurt me the most was that most of my buddies were accepted; they’re living their dreams now. I had tried to get into varsity and was rejected. It’s been a year now and still, no light yet. Throughout this year I’ve learned a lot. I guess God had it all planned out, and I no longer regret the gap year I’ve had. I’ve come to know God in a special way, which wouldn’t have happened had I gone straight to varsity.

You may also be faced with such a situation as the one I found myself in. I challenge you to change the negative perception. Try using the time you’re wasting on worrying about when you going to varsity, when you’re getting those excellent scores; use it to your advantage, to bring something better out of you. God knows why you are where you are, He has a perfect plan for your life. So why back down today? Who knows, you might receive that letter of acceptance in an hours’ time. Who knows, if you push a little harder, you might graduate top of your class. Continue holding on to your patience and faith, continue to trust God, and keep pushing. The endurance is worth what was planned for you. Keep holding on.


Tell us: What keeps you going when you have no more strength?