Think Big

Playing it safe in life is one of the biggest mistakes we can make. There is no glory for a mind which is restricted to logic and reasoning. Have no limitations to the thinking of the goals and dreams you aim to achieve in life, for in truth our mind is the foundation for all greatness and possibilities. A trait which distinguishes the common man from the man of greatness is his ability to think.

The truth of the matter is that by our thinking our reality is defined. If anything, we need to reprogram our minds to dilute all negative and fruitless thinking. Growth, success and the future we desire has its foundations in the mind. I can’t place more emphasis to the importance of constructive thought, we must then with all our strength focus solely on all that is upright, honest and prosperous.

Don’t be afraid to fail
Failure and success are opposite sides of the same coin, the more we fail, the greater our chances for success. If such is the exact equation for success in life, then obviously it should be the greatest form of motivation to compel us to try more and more. I encourage you dear reader that once you’ve finished reading my book, engage in immediate action to achieve any goal you desire or once desired. Fail a thousand times if possible. I wish you, reader would fail constantly for you are then by universal law guaranteed success, regardless of how long it shall take.

Master adaptability and elasticity
It’s to the utmost importance for us to never remain rigid and stiff as we go through life. There’s an old saying throughout the ages which states that we should be more like a bamboo tree, which no matter how much it’s bent will never break. We will face challenges and difficulties in life, that’s undeniable, but instead of submitting to unforeseen circumstances, learn to practice the ability of adapting to such events. A fluid mind-set is vital for life, try to adapt this ability and nothing will surprise you.

Become of great use to humanity

It should be to the glory of each man to serve another, for human-beings are meant to be of a social co-existence. We can evaluate our character based solely on how we treat everyone around us. Therefore, we should strive daily to do some kind of good deed to any person regardless of how trivial it may seem. Such deeds need not even take the form of giving money or any material possession. Instead a simple thing like a compliment or uplifting words can be of benefit to someone. Emit love to all and that’s when you begin to become a human-being.

Obtain independency
A man should at all cost strive to be independent in life. Never should he be a burden to friends, family or co-workers. For as surely as a parasite is cast away, so will a man who constantly burdens people. Despite whatever situation a man may find himself in, he needs to be fully aware that the only person he can depend on is himself. Thus, a man who stands alone stands the tallest. But once we realize that all answers lie within us, the greatest truths begin to be unveiled to us.


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