Invest in knowledge
One should aim to adapt the word “autodidact” in one’s daily life, a word which simply means the ability of being self-taught or self-learned. University qualifications can be useless, instead it’s the knowledge we receive from such qualifications that’s the true priceless reward, if we can apply such knowledge. In truth we should change our paradigm of thinking about what learning really is.

Truth of the matter is, as long as libraries are available and book shops are opened, then we should just take the initiative to learn regardless of whatever we learn simply read on subjects that piques your interest. We don’t need to be in a university or need sources of finance, studying and learning is not dependent upon any excuses, for to gain knowledge is free and should be a life-long pursuit for us all.

Be wise in spending money
We should by whatever means necessary, be wise in how we spend our money. Live within your means and seek not to boast with your money by buying expensive clothes, cars, phones and whatever material possession. This will always end with you becoming a fool in years to come. However, the worst evil to avoid at all costs is the trap of falling into continuous debt. Becoming a debt slave is a sure path to a life of misery, depression and suffering.

Take Risk
Life is described as a cliff, in order for you to have abundance one has to jump down that cliff. You have got to take risks in life, even if you take just one risk, do it. Doing that which we’re afraid to do sums up the journey of life. In order to have a future we must take risks, regardless of how small or large the risk is, take it.

Never give up
An attitude we must learn is the will to never give up on anything or any situation that we undergo despite the odds that we face. Any triumph we can overcome, so long as we never give up. The ability of not giving up is the most admirable trait in any person. That’s why any person in the most deplorable circumstances can rise out of any situation, so long as they never give up.

Take immediate action
The secret of this book lies in engaging with immediate actions, one must then read every word and immediately apply it. This principle of action can apply to every facet of your life. Nowhere in the history of mankind has man accomplished anything without engaging in action. One must then take the responsibility to merely try and achieve their goals and dreams. To lay back and be a spectator in life is the biggest mistake we can do to ourselves. “Start today” must be the motto and philosophy you must live by.

Get out of your comfort zone
The only time we only ever live is the moment when we finally escape the evils of comfort and security. We not only transcend above death and fear, but more importantly we ascend into the realm of knowing who we really are. The greatest way of knowing one’s comfort-zone would be to simply assess all that you fear and are reluctant to do. Once you’ve established such things, immediately you can be prompt to action in escaping the plague of your serenity and comfort.

Slow progress is better than no progress
Try to do and make just one percent of progress in your life. Read a book, get rid of toxic friends, start a business, learn a course, pursue spiritual endeavours, exercise, eat healthy, stop addictions, appreciate and show gratitude in life, love more but more importantly just make progress every day.

Alas dear reader our journey has come to an end, however, your journey has just begun. I admit my book is not the best, nor is it the most interesting book. But as I previously stated I aim to ignite action and a practical way for you to begin your journey to self-improvement.

This book is not a magical one that will produce instant results, instead note that slow progress in life is better than no progress. Regardless of who you are, the choices you made, the struggle you are facing, begin by changing your mind-set that is the greatest secret. Affirm daily and repeatedly positive affirmations to yourself. Have only positive thoughts in your mind and positive words spoken from your tongue. Remember the words that follow ‘I am’ shape your destiny and reality.


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