Find great mentors and teachers

“When the student is ready, the master shall appear.” – Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamun.

A great teacher or mentor has the potential to not just unlock your hidden talents, but they can also improve your faults. To be great we have to follow those greater than ourselves, for as birds of the same feathers flock together, we are whom we associate with. Therefore, it’s to a man’s glory to constantly ask questions, but more so, to listen to all words that come out from the mouth of great men.

An unspoken law to always follow is never ask a rich man for money, ask for wisdom and knowledge – something worth more than wealth and riches. Every great man is willing to teach and mentor. Simply ask for their assistance and the worst that can happen is them rejecting your proposal, to which you simply ask the next possible mentor and teacher.

Be independent from technology
Though technology is vital for a better future, man has instead abused the purpose that technology was initially intended for. Idleness is one of the consequences of continuous usages of technology, which has propagated a generation of lazy individuals. Technology causes one to lose the ability to think, therefore gradually more and more we are becoming dependent and obsessed with technology due to the excessive usage of it. Our greatest resource is our mind and the ability of thinking. If we atrophied such a wonderful resource away then we will become nothing less than sheep-docile creatures.

Always be willing to change
Tomorrow is no promise, but change is guaranteed and inevitable. We are all promised change one way or the other, all we must do is be receptacle to it. Regardless of what the change will be, whether internal or external, do not resist, instead adapt a mind-set of flexibility and elasticity. When we willingly wish to change a new experience is brought forth, a new perspective of life is given birth. Let us then have a continuous drive to change our lives, for when we change we evolve and when we evolve we develop ourselves.

Seize all opportunities
Never must we discard any opportunity that comes our way, seize every chance regardless of what it may be. Opportunities will come in a variety of ways and forms, not just in the general assumption of money. Instead an opportunity could come in the form of helping others, improving our social skills and maybe becoming a more analytical thinker. In truth the benefits one obtains from seizing opportunities are numerous to mention. Therefore, we will always either win or learn from opportunities. It is to your benefit always to not only take every opportunity that comes your way but to seek opportunities.


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