Work hard
A talent that has an air of omnipotence to it, inclusive to the importance of hard-work, is the only talent man can learn instead of being born with it. Therefore, a normal man who possess neither wealth nor physical beauty can greatly compensate for such by working incredibly hard. His destiny for greatness will be assured based on the effort and hard work he subjects himself to.

Any man can aspire to rise above the circumstances of his life, we simply need to find any work which can keep our hands and mind busy. And once we find such a thing we must do it diligently with all our might. Be it singing, inventing, acting, writing or whatever work you seem to find, work at it with all your might. Regardless of how small and trivial the chosen task may be, slow progress is better than no progress.

Everyman who is admired and remembered throughout history started out small. However, all these great men and women, through hard work, cemented their legacy in history. You too have the ability to be of greatness, simply start today and now. When you put everything you have into everything you do the results tend to speak for themselves.

Overlook insults
A fact of life we all shall know is that we will undeniably, at one stage in our life, face criticism, judgement and insults. If we seek neither criticism, judgement or insults then all we need to do is remain stagnant and do nothing with our lives, which will mean reading this in vain. As long as we desire self-development, growth and improvement then expect to be criticised. However, as long as we are transfixed towards a better future, no ones’ words have power over us unless we permit them.

Identify your weaknesses

Strength lies in weakness. A man who neither knows his strength nor weaknesses is destined for failure. But weakness can always be improved, rectified and strengthened. There is no shame or disgrace in admitting our weaknesses, if anything it’s a sign of a man possessing great courage. For after all, to improve ourselves we undoubtedly must first identify areas in our lives which need such attention and act accordingly.

Never be easily prone to anger
A skill that we need to start exhibiting at a very young age is the ability to remain calm. For more often than not a hot-temper eventually exposes you as a fool. Being seeped in anger will result in endless downfalls and repercussions. We lose friends, potential spouses and worse of all, we affect our loved ones, even endangering their lives through reckless actions and decisions and people begin distancing themselves from us, in truth these are but the few residual results of anger.


Tell us: Have you taken any of these words to heart so far?