This is an easy to read guide that can be read by all men from all walks of life of any race, age, religion and nationality. Regardless of the state a man is in, his life can be changed and improved at any moment. One’s birth or circumstances are irrelevant, for everyday man lives the scope of possibilities are endless. The choices we make ultimately define who we really are. We can shatter the chains of fate, go beyond the confines of destiny and ascend to the achievements of our dreams and goals.

I hope that at the end of this, you will be able to apply all that is written here and begin to improve and develop the life you rightfully deserve. My aim is not to motivate, instead my aim is to make you promptly take action.

Focus solely on the present moment
Plead with time to take you back five years ago and see if such will happen. Cry out to the grand scheme of time to take you five years into the future and see if that is possible. The only guarantee of time is now, the very second and hour you have now is all that matters. Therefore, we need to put all our focus on the now for only now can we change and improve our lives.

Always accept discipline and correction
Never are we to fool ourselves into believing that we know everything for that shall stunt our growth. By our own admission we inevitably bring ruin upon ourselves for refusing advice and correction. Which in truth could have been life changing. One can now rightfully deduce that it’s of utmost importance to pay an attentive ear to wisdom and more so to have the discipline to apply it in our daily life.

Be an honest person
There is no person more so admired than he who upholds the virtue of honesty and integrity. For undoubtedly the laws of life will always repay a man for the action he undertakes. One can’t expect to get oranges from a lemon tree. Therefore we can never prosper in ways of stealing, deceiving and lying. A boomerang effect will always result in the choices we make now. If we sow seeds of righteousness and truth, we will in turn reap a reward of righteousness and truth. We then need to make it a priority to pursue a path filled with righteousness, integrity and honesty.


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