So you go on and look at me with those judgemental eyes, there is nothing you can say or do that can change the choice I made. If I could run back in time and give advice to myself, I would tell myself to do it all over again.

There is not a day that passes by whereby I don’t beat my chest and feel a sense of pride for myself. After all, our works tends to define who we really are on a higher level, what our mere words do and they proclaim.

It wasn’t about indifference in views or clash of religion; I just felt something inside me that I hadn’t felt before. I felt fire. What amused me was that this kind of fire was different than how the fire is normally defined. The more I tried to suppress it, the more it wanted to be let out and be heard.

It came to my senses that there was more to life than this. I understood we answer to a higher calling, I realised we were born with a package within us and it would be very unfortunate to die without opening this package. Together we are unstoppable, if we unite nothing can come between us and what we want to pursue. We will reach and even overtake our own expectations.

We are all here to answer for a duty when the world needs heroes. We are all here to serve and to serve with every bone and muscle under our skin. When the passion burns inside you and you feel like you have to do something to and for the world, don’t shun that feeling. You can never be ready nor feel ready; it’s in our nature, that’s one of the characteristics of a human being.

We owe something to the world as it is; we have an obligation and debt to settle. The world is on our shoulders and the sun itself is in our reach. The world belongs to us and if we don’t make it our home, no one will.

For this reason we are here to love, to spread the blanket of warmest care. We are born to be kind, to put a smile on someone’s face. We live to be guardians to the weak, we breathe to wipe away tears from the cheeks of the orphans and the vulnerable.

Turn on the news channel, there is nothing but pain, suffering, war, drought and hunger. The world is crying to us, crying to be rescued from these terrors and misfortunes. So, when I hear the cry I will answer. But the question is, will you?


Tell us: What have you done to make the world a bit better for someone else and if you haven’t what would you do and for whom?