Life is not fair. Why are some people born with health problems and others are healthy? Why do people have a lot of luck finding work while others don’t seem to have any?

Everyone faces things in life that they feel are unfair. We compare what we have to others and think we’ve got the short end of the stick.

We can’t control some of those unfair life challenges while some we can. How we choose to handle these challenges is what shapes who we are. Many people have different opinions on what they think is fair or not in life.

Life can be very hard sometimes. It has its obstacles and is unfair at times but we have to learn to make it worth something. By choosing to face very hard times, we can make a better life for ourselves.

People think that life is not fair and I do not blame them because some of them are rejected or ignored by their own family, for no reason, so that is why they have the mentality of life being unfair towards them.

We have many challenges in our lives but we have to learn how to deal with them. The question is, are we as people fair? No. We do things that are silly or things that are not good for our lives and at the end of the day we end up saying life is not fair.

Yes, it’s true, that life is not fair, but people have to know that every choice we make has either good or bad consequences. It is the bad consequences that make people say life is not fair. That is why some people have nice things while others don’t have.

In the entire world, you will find that some people are rich and some are poor. The question is why can’t we all be rich like the people in the United States, with a good reputation? It is impossible for all people to be rich or to be equal.

People used to say that all animals are equal which means we have to be treated equal but the fact is that people are not animals, which means we are not equal. According to my opinion, I think life will be fair only if we learn how to control our lives.

We have to stop doing silly things because we all know that everything has its circumstances. By learning how to control our lives we will make life easier. We all face many challenges but we have to learn how to deal with those challenges.

We have to know that life will be fair only if we are fair to life. Many people who are involved with gangs, end up in prison then they say life is not fair. The main problem is that we do not appreciate what we have. We all face different challenges in our lives, that’s why we are always complaining about how bad and how good life is.


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