We’ve been together for three and half years, babe, and I still ask myself if it is you that I’ll spend the rest of my life with. The love you give me, attention and everything I need in a man is there, but babe I am sure if itโ€™s you for sure I truly love. You’ve been nothing but good to me even though the love I have for you doesn’t amount the love you give to me.

I sometimes sit and wonder if this is real, after everything I’ve been through in the past, because of love. Just when I gave up on love you came and proved to me that pure love still exists. You fill my heart with joy, happiness and peace, yet inside of me there’s still something telling me that someday you’ll change and become horrible, just like everyone else. My heart tells me this is real but deep down there’s still doubt.

Is it you babe? After everything and every pain? After every heartache and betrayal?

I want to believe in everything but something tells me not to put it all in this, phela uk’bona kanye uk’bona kabili.


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