Yes it is nice to have a successful man in your life but you don’t have to just find him already successful. The thing is that a woman is supposed to find her own man while he is still working for the so called successful life.

This is very important because you two learn to grow together in both tough and good conditions, and also understand each other before success.

This also helps the man to know if the woman can stick together with him before the goal he is working for. To know if the girl can have patience whilst waiting for his success by not falling in love with other guys who are already successful in their lives. In other words, this helps the guy to know if the girl is going to help him succeed by assisting him with other materials and resources that are useful for his goal, and again, with some encouragement/motivation or inspirational messages as they live together.

There are a lot of women who only want to find men who are already successful by not knowing how much they have strived to achieve their goals. They look for such guys because in their minds these are the kind of men that are going to make their lives happier than a guy who has not yet succeeded in his goal or the one who is still studying towards his goal. They claim that those guys who are still chasing after their dreams may not satisfy them with everything they may demand or desire. They only think about material things not love.

Most women are now improving with their lives. They would always want to have money for their makeup, nails, expensive perfumes, fancy clothes and other materialistic things. Since this is the case, a lot of them prefer men who are already successful in their lives and NOT men who have nothing to give them apart from their heart.

Women do forget that having a successful man means having a man who will treat them with integrity, kindness, love, and even like the most important or special thing in the whole universe. Instead, they rather look for men who are already successful or have achieved their goals. That’s why most women end up disappointed since most of the successful men they encounter in their lives usually cheat on them with other women.

Women do forget that being in a relationship or in love with a guy is not about how rich a man is in his bank account, it’s about how a man is rich with his love for you in his heart.